A sub association located within the Lakeshore Colony Master Community. Lakeshore North is a Homeowners Association with 130 units consisting of stylish townhomes and charming single story villas.

Each unit within Lakeshore North is responsible for purchasing and holding the insurance for Property, Wind and Flood for full replacement value coverage. Each unit is required to supply a certificate of insurance with Lakeshore North Homeowners Association listed as additionally insured.

The Association also periodically reviews the painting, roof conditions and exterior conditions of all the buildings to determine when items need to be maintained. The Association is not responsible for the cost of these repairs/maintenance but will notify the residents when maintenance is required.

There is an annual operating budget that is usually very minimal, depending on the annual expenses needed. To get a copy of the annual budget please login to the residential portal and visit internal documents, financials. 

During registration, we encourage all residents to opt-in for all notification options. Failure to do so will result in owners not receiving the most up to date information. We also encourage residents to show their information in our community directory. To do so, please select privacy settings and select “Show information” under community directory.